FreeProBonoAttorney.com is a web resource dedicated to connecting people in need with attorneys and lawyers willing to do Fre Pro Bono lawyer work.

The term Pro Bono stems from the Latin term meaning ‘for the public good’.  Pro bono service, unlike volunteering, utilizes a specific skill set of knowledge and lawyers to provide services to those in need and who are unable to afford them.

The American Bar Association sets an ethical requirement that lawyers in the United States complete up to 50 hours of pro bono service each year. Although this goal isn’t met by all lawyers, you can still find the help you need if you know where to look.

Additionally, the are several state bar associations that put together free legal services for people able to prove their financial hardship or other factors including social injustice, domestic violence, chronic illness, military service, and the elderly.

Their motivation comes from their commitment of a fair and equal justice system for all peoples regardless of their ability to pay. These services strengthen our democracy and the foundation of our society.